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Step 1

Only The Best Domains! performs an extensive 4 point pre-qualification grading process on all premium domain and brandable domain names before they are offered to the public.

If the Domain Name wont qualify, we wont list it!

Pre-Qualify Screening

  • CLEAR of Patents & Trademarks
  • WAS NOT previously Blacklisted
  • DOES NOT mimic a national brand
  • DOES NOT contain random ^numbers or hyphens

Step 2

For those domain names that successfully pass the pre-qualification grading process, we go on to further evaluate each domain name for our "Excellence In Value Pricing." Our pricing structures are minimum offered prices based on a proprietary 9-point grading appraisal process that qualifies each domain name through a series of valuations. The grading process is to ensure that you get full value and most likely a great deal of extended value, for each domain name you select from Only The Best Domains!

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Because many of you have asked, we are releasing "some" of the grading steps each domain name is evaluated for with our "Excellence In Value Pricing"

Easy Spelling # Letters Pronounceable Key Words Memorable

^For Only The Best Domains! the use of numbers or hyphens in a domain name must be logical and complement the name as a whole.

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Why a Premium Domain Name?

Online success for a company depends on marketing — Marketing your products and especially, marketing your company! This is known as company branding! A good clean logo. Check. An organized website with straightforward and quality content. Check. Great.

What about the domain name? Is it made up of 2 or 3 keywords used to find your type of business? Does it relate to your business at all? If not the keyword route to succeed, then you will be looking for a brandable name. Something that people will come to identify your company with. So ask yourself, is it a pronounceable word? Is it limited to 1 or 2 syllables? Easy to remember how to spell? How about a catchy, memorable word? If you have an established, well known business, is your domain name short and easy to type? How about an acronym made from your company names that people already know? Think BRANDABLE.

These are the questions you should be asking yourself and if you don't like the answers, it may be time to look at a premium domain name. Premium domain names are made up of strong keywords but still flow so they are easy to remember. They can also be acronyms for those companies with a lot of names in them. And finally, they can be brandable. Unique words or small phrases that will catch someone's attention. The best of them are really not even words but pronounceable and the branding efforts of the company make them a household word. A major challenge for a company but — it all starts with the name. Not putting the resources into choosing the right name is a recipe for disaster. Make it a priority now and it will save you money and time for years to come.

For a small or new company trying to make the move up, the need is to establish traffic, growing, quality traffic to your website. THIS IS A MUST! If they don't visit your site, your out of business. Your domain name is where your presence on the internet begins. Your goal to success has to start with choosing a name that not only fits your business, but is easy to remember. The answer is a brandable or keyword generated premium domain name.

Being easy isn't always easy. Studies have shown that successful domain names follow similar themes: easy to remember, catchy and memorable. Names that are misspelled, contain numbers or hyphens in awkward places simply don't stick. People wont remember how it is spelled and boom! Their off to a different website. A great option is to take advantage of what search engines look for — Key Words! If your domain name contains key words that visitors use to find your type of business then you immediately have a competitive edge!

Names that make sense and relate to your business and those that inspire thought. These are the initial stepping stones to finding and selecting a great domain name for your company as you move ahead. Choosing the right premium domain name is always going to be the right choice.

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